Classic Chinese Acupuncture according to Stems & Branches. The Treatment includes the draw up of the personal Chinese astrology chard. The diagnosis is based on talking, pulse reading and abdomen diagnosis.

Tok Sen is a ancient Thai treatment for releasing pain, stiffness and numbness from the whole body. It also balances the emotions and treats trauma or panic attacks. Tok Sen is new in Helsinki.  More info

According to the diagnosis, I will use Acupuncture or Tok Sen or both together.



Acupuncture & Tok Sen:  60-75 min  35,00€

Tok Sen for example for sports injury:  30min  20,00 €

Treatment Sequence of five times Acupuncture and/or Tok Sen:  5x  60-75min 165,00 € (payment in advance)



+358 46 6329308

Address: Lautamiehenpolku 8, 00690 Helsinki – Torpparinmäki