Meridian Stretching


Meridian Stretching is a series of postures and movement sequences which activate and balance the meridian channels of our body. It was created by Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of Zen Shiatsu. In Meridian Stretching we stimulating the universal life force Qi. Our twelve primary channels who are related to our organs and two of the eight extraordinary channels, the Conception and the Governing channel are affected in the whole length and become open for the flow of Qi. This free flow of Qi through all meridian channels is crucial for our physical and mental well being.


You can buy here a Meridian Stretching guide as PDF, written by Heini Nukari an me.  

The guide consists of 24 postures explained with pictures and a text for each posture.


The format is DIN A4, 10 pages incl. title.

Languages: english, german or finnish. 

Cost: 8€.

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