Tok Sen

Tok Sen is a traditional Asian massage method and new in Helsinki!


Tok Sen is releasing stiffness and pain in the muscles and tendons and calming our emotional state. It works almost without pain by using wooden tools which are sending healing vibrations into the body.

It is used at almost every part of the body and the vibrations can reach the deep inner muscles and connecting tissues as well. Tok Sen is a very ancient massage system and orignates from Northern Thailand. Master Mantak Chia combined Tok Sen with the knowledge of Chi Nei Tsang, an Asian massage system for balacing our emotions. In general, Tok Sen is a very effectively detoxing & de-amoring treatment for the whole body.

Working on the bodily level it can release stiffness or pain caused by sports. Working on the emotional level it can resolve negative feelings.

For the body Tok Sen treats:

Stiffness and pain in the muscles of the whole back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs (for example caused by sport).


Dissolving of hard knots anywhere in the body.

Headaches and dizziness.

Numbness and pain in the extremities, especially the fingers.

For the emotions Tok Sen treats:

Dissolving of emotions like fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger.

Dissolving of actual or old traumas and panic attacks.

Our body holds and remembers emotions and mostly stores them in our abdomen, which is central to our emotional life. Strain, worries and ongoing stress all collect there. Some emotional memories can be many years old or even originate from the childhood. This blocks the energy flow and as a result our life force gets weakened which might cause various physical symptoms or mental instabilities.

Tok Sen works by dissolving these energy blocks. The unsupportive emotions will be guided out of the body. The body and especially the organs become detoxified and get rid of bad emotions. The whole organism gets vitalised and will support a more balanced emotional state of the person.